Music making

made easy.

Meet ToneStone, a musical creativity platform for everyone. Our interactive tools help you express yourself through music.

Anyone and everyone can make music.

(including you)

ToneStone opens up music-making to everyone by transforming music production into an interactive and entertaining experience.


ToneStone Community Mixtape Vol. 1

ZoeDreams - j v n e d ø e - И؆ DΞΔd

Th3 L1573n3r - Cub3d Tr4n5mu73

Eik+Lee - Hi-Anxiety Chill

DeathJester - Eighty Four Dreamers

AlmightyMeatwad - Corona Australis


The ToneStone beta is open to all. Test new features, connect with our developers, and become an early member of the ToneStone user community.

Express yourself.

Get weird. Have fun.

Create — Start making music in seconds thanks to simple but powerful tools.

Play — Get into the creative flow through game-like prompts.

Collaborate — Jam with friends, remix songs, and find collaborators.

by the people whose games you know and love.

ToneStone’s founder oversaw the development of legendary games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Learn how gameplay informs many aspects of the ToneStone music-making experience.