Help & FAQS

Want to chat? For product support, info and really good music recs, check out our Discord.

What is ToneStone?

ToneStone is a new musical creativity platform for anyone and everyone who wants to make music.

Currently in open beta, the ToneStone platform combines easy tools, countless sounds, and applied game mechanics to enable interactive musical experiences that help you create and share music you love.

How can I access ToneStone?

Sign up for the free beta today! 

I need help with tonestone, where can i get support?

Try our Support page, where you can get help via our Discord — we have a #get-help-troubleshooting channel. Alternatively, you can shoot us an email.

On WHICH platforms is tonestone available?

As of right now, you can use ToneStone on Mac or PC.

Where can I learn more about ToneStone?

Our Steam page contains a lot of info about ToneStone, what it can do right now, and what we want to do in the future.

Do I need music experience to use ToneStone?


Where can I learn how to use ToneStone?

Check out these quick videos we’ve made. If those don’t help, give us a shout in Discord and we’re happy to dig in more.

What New Features Have Been added to Tonestone?

Head over to our Release Notes page for detailed information on all of the changes to the ToneStone app.