October 22nd Update – ToneStone Closed Beta 0.1.1097

Table of Contents

New Features & Content

  • For existing users  - New ToneStone Beta 
    • We are no longer supporting the “ToneStone” app and now will be pushing updates to the “ToneStone Beta” app
    • If you do not have access to the “ToneStone Beta” app you can request access on our Steam Store Page
  • New Feature: Visualizer 
    • Check out ToneStone’s brand new Visualizer, activated with the Visualizer button beneath the Transport Bar on the right.
    • The Visualizer features several different graphics styles, which cycle randomly every four bars and react dynamically to your track’s BPM. 
  • New Feature: Block Randomizer
    • Generate new Blocks and make music even more quickly  using the new Blocks Randomizer.
    • Clicking the “randomize” button in the Blocks Edit Panel will fill the Block with a random selection of clips from your deck.
  • New Prefab Deck: “Overdrive”
    • Swing for bleachers with this new deck of anthemic arena rock!
    • Brought to you by Count Zero


  • New graphics and visuals for Mix and FX clips.
  • Changed colors for Inst 2 clips and tab.
  • Optimized the graphics for Music Clips.
  • Sessions and Quickstarts have been removed from the app for now.
  • New Help/Info panel with links to YouTube Tutorial videos.
  • Updated our account creation UI and requirements.
  • Clips can now be deleted while the Tools Tab is selected.
  • Count-in prior to playback has been disabled while in the Block edit panel.

Important Fixes

  • Issue with the play bar stuttering on the Block Edit Panel has been resolved.
  • Issue with clips not switching out when loading a new deck over a song has been resolved.
  • Issue with sharing songs while in Blocks view has been resolved.
  • Issue where loading ToneStone freezing at the “Load MOTD or Dashboard” step has been resolved.
  • Issues with custom clips from the Recorder and Arpeggiator not updating in Inventory Blocks has been resolved.
  • Issue with Block names not being saved with the song has been resolved.
  • Fixed issue where the loading icon was showing up too frequently.
  • Improved speed of switching between Blocks view and Timeline view.
  • Issue where the mix tool was not accessible in Blocks view if you had switched from Timeline view while in linear mode has been resolved.
  • Fixed issues around deleting an empty Block from your inventory
  • Issue where the recorder and arpeggiator tools would stay displayed when going to the menu has been resolved.

Known Issues

  • Certain visuals from the visualizer may cause frame rate drops while using ToneStone.
  • Using loop tools while in the timeline view can cause blocks you’ve placed to dissolve.
  • When starting a new song while in Blocks view, the Assembly Timeline will display the loop mode UI.