November 10th Update – ToneStone Closed Beta 0.1.1135

Table of Contents

New Features

  • New Feature: Loop Recorder Feature Set
    • The Transport Bar on the main timeline now has a Record Button that auto pulls up the Loop Recorder tool.
    • There is now a tab for Custom Clips, which is where Clips created in the Loop Recorder and Arpeggiator tools will populate by default. There is a new naming scheme for Custom Clips.
    • The Loop Recorder comes with a Metronome that can be toggled on or off and used while recording.


  • Size limit error message displays when sharing a song that is too large.

Important Fixes

  • Fixed issue where “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login screen redirected you to the wrong place.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t add Clips to Inst 2 Tab if the Inst 1 Tab was full.
  • Fixed issue where making copies of Blocks allowed you to surpass the Block limit.
  • Fixed issue where using Extend, Insert or Delete on on the Timeline would dissolve Blocks on the Timeline.
  • Fixed issue where the loop mode UI would display on the Assembly Timeline when starting a new song from Blocks view.

Known Issues

  • Creating a Clip in the Loop Recorder might affect the pitch.
  • Issues using the latency slider after making a recording but before creating a Clip.
  • Cannot preview Custom Clips in the Deck Builder. You must add them to your Deck to preview.