Release Notes

Table of Contents

February 16, 2022 Update - ToneStone Closed Beta 0.1.1254

New Deck

  • Wet Brain, our first hyper pop deck, features glitchy loops and synthetic vocals. 


  • Improved error messaging for sharing empty songs.
  • Thicker play bar in Blocks Mode.
  • Blocks in blocks inventory flash when they play on the timeline.


  • Fixed the Discord linking bug. 

January 26, 2022 Update - ToneStone Closed Beta 0.1.2146

Improvements to Blocks Mode

  • Clicking on the timeline moves the playhead to the timeline and highlights the timeline area. Clicking back on the Block Scratch Pad moves the playhead there and highlights that area.
  • When the playhead is on the timeline, clicking a section of the timeline moves the playhead to that section.
  • Transitions between blocks now occur on the downbeat.
  • Colored bars on the sides of blocks are back.
  • Copies blocks are named with new letters by default. For example, the duplicate of “Block G” will be titled “Block H.”

Known Bug

  • Unable to click and drag Key Clips onto Audio Clips. Key Clips can still be applied by selecting the desired Key Clips and clicking on Audio Clips.

January 14, 2022 Update


  • The Timeline/Blocks mode buttons on the navigation palette have been changed from icons to full text.
  • A dismiss button has been added to the Help popup screen for more convenient exits from the page.
  • The blocks/timeline play focus toggle icons on the navigation palette have been polished and upscaled.

December 23, 2022 Update

Feature Preview: Sessions

  • We’re excited to preview Sessions, a new, interactive song creation tool. This release includes two Sessions along with a sneak peak of what’s in the pipeline.

New Key Blocks

  • The Key Blocks tab has been updated with a new (and improved) set of chord progressions. For best results, apply Key Blocks to clips tagged with “Single.”

Song Sharing Size Increase

  • Songs up to 8 megabytes are now shareable to Discord and

November 10, 2021 Update - ToneStone Closed Beta 0.1.1135

New Features

  • New Feature: Loop Recorder Feature Set
    • The Transport Bar on the main timeline now has a Record Button that auto pulls up the Loop Recorder tool.
    • There is now a tab for Custom Clips, which is where Clips created in the Loop Recorder and Arpeggiator tools will populate by default. There is a new naming scheme for Custom Clips.
    • The Loop Recorder comes with a Metronome that can be toggled on or off and used while recording.


  • Size limit error message displays when sharing a song that is too large.

Important Fixes

  • Fixed issue where “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login screen redirected you to the wrong place.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t add Clips to Inst 2 Tab if the Inst 1 Tab was full.
  • Fixed issue where making copies of Blocks allowed you to surpass the Block limit.
  • Fixed issue where using Extend, Insert or Delete on on the Timeline would dissolve Blocks on the Timeline.
  • Fixed issue where the loop mode UI would display on the Assembly Timeline when starting a new song from Blocks view.

Known Issues

  • Creating a Clip in the Loop Recorder might affect the pitch.
  • Issues using the latency slider after making a recording but before creating a Clip.
  • Cannot preview Custom Clips in the Deck Builder. You must add them to your Deck to preview.